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Traditional Funeral Service

This includes visitation on day one and a funeral service the day after, followed by a committal ceremony. Your loved one would be transferred to our facilities and our staff would provide embalming (if desired), dressing, and cosmetology. Use of a funeral coach (hearse), memorial book, and 50 prayer cards are included as well.

Modified Traditional Service

Includes everything offered in our Traditional Service, but shortened so visitation and committal may occur on the same day.

Graveside Services

Committal services at a cemetery without a visitation or viewing beforehand.

Immediate Burial

A basic burial package without preparation, visitation or viewing that is scheduled at the convenience of Grissom’s and the cemetery.

Witness Cremation

Includes everything offered in our Modified Traditional Service, with the family present for the cremation after the service.

Cremation with Memorial Services

A memorial service with the cremains present and displayed in our urn ark.

Final Goodbye with Cremation

A one-hour visitation without a service for up to 20 people.

Direct Cremation

A simple cremation package without visitation or viewing.

Note: Each individual family will have different cultural, religious, and geographical necessities. We pride ourselves in being able to customize our services to serve you and the ones you love in whatever fashion you need.
Traditional Service

Witness Cremation Service

Memorial Service with Urn Ark

Direct Burial

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