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Danny Goodman

December 24, 1967 - January 14, 2023

Life Legacy

Danny Allen Goodman passed away on January 14th, 2023 in Lakeport, California. He is survived by his soul mate Catherine Adams, His Son Daniel Adams, His Soul Sister Denise Cordero, His Sister Loretta Osban, His Super Hero Brother Wayne Goodman and Mother Claudette Van Allen as well as numerous Nieces and Nephews. He joined his Sister Colette Butler and Father Wayne Goodman in Paradise. 

      Danny’s relationship with each person he considered his family was unique in a special way to each person he loved and whom loved him. He loved his Soul Mate Catherine “Olive Oil” with an undying love and no matter how many trials they suffered; they always found their way back to each other. They were the loves of each other’s lives and will be through eternity. 

From Catherine…..It Was Love At First Sight. Danny and I met one night in Boulder Creek. Once we met, we stayed together. It was fate. We were married, had a son but lost sight of each other for a while. We never lost our Love for each other. I am the love of his life and he is the love of my life. He was smart, funny, kind, gorgeous and my friend. I miss him every day. Danny loved his son Daniel dearly and wanted show him how to run the tow truck so he could continue on with Danny’s business. Unfortunately, Danny took ill. His son misses his Dad and what they were trying to build together. 

       His Son Danny, was his life, his love his reason for waking up every single morning. He fought to stay here for him and see his face again. No matter how ill he was he wanted to leave him something and worked very hard to do so, and he made it clear everything he had was for his son. Danny’s love for his son will transcend all time and space, and I know Danny will watch over and protect his precious child forever.

     Denise Cordero is Danny’s Soul Sister from another Mister. Their indescribable bond was unbreakable, there is nothing they would not have done for each other. Danny always knew Denise would call him out, tell him the truth and stand by him to the end, and that she did. She is the sister he needed and chose. We cannot always choose our family, but that Danny did, he chose the people he considered family, and the family he kept in his heart. 

From Denise….. R.I.P. Danny Goodman 12/24/67-1/14/23

My Friend. You Lived Your Life and Fought Your Fight. God has called you home. Be At Peace and Know Your are Loved and we will miss you everyday. My prayers are with his family. Loretta the sister that never gave up on him, the one that loved him unconditionally and Wayne his brother( Dannys Super Hero). I am so sorry for your loss.

      Wayne is Danny’s Super Hero brother, who has fought his entire life to live, but gave us reasons to live and smile and say wow every single day. Danny and Wayne loved Rock and Roll and to play music, and they could both can fix anything, anywhere, anytime! They should have had their own reality show restoring cars together called the Goodman Brothers. Danny gave his heart valves to help children with holes in their hearts, like we know he would have wanted to do, since Wayne was born with holes in his heart and someone did so for him and saved his life.  Danny will forever be Wayne’s Best Friend and Brother, and Danny will forever watch over him and protect him as he did in life.

        Danny loved his mother Claudette fiercely and always fought for her, and wanted her approval and was truly devoted to her until the end. He never gave up on his connection with her, and in the end l believe he heard the words he needed to hear that gave him peace. He will forever watch over her and let her know how very much he loves her.

     Danny and I had a connection that time nor distance could break, if he hurt, I hurt, and we always knew when something was wrong. His smile was infectious, his soul was beautiful and his heart was full of love for anyone who took the time to see it. We have other siblings, which Danny did not consider family because he knew what a true connection was with people. He never met a stranger, and when he connected with you it was a lifelong journey of love and devotion. Those who missed out on it can not regain it at the end, Danny would not have wanted to claim people that did not claim him.  So, we have decided not to do a memorial, or a funeral, but have a Celebration of Life with him and those he considered his family in a place that brought him the most joy. He will be going home to be with his Forever Wife and his Son to be at Peace and Rest. Rest in Peace My Beautiful Brother you will be forever in my heart and our souls will be connected for Eternity! One of the last things you did was you gave me Denise and Catherine as my forever Soul Sisters, our bond will never be broken because you brought us together. We all agree you had the most fabulous head of hair, you’re probably rocking out with Jesus and the angels and teaching them the Waffle! I LOVE YOU! We will make sure all of your wishes are carried out for your son.


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